Sunday, 10 January 2016

Everyday Makeup Routine

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Today I will talk about products which I use everyday if I am going somewhere. I usually don't have much time in the morning to get ready, but I always sacrifice some time to do my makeup haha. You'll have already seen some of these products, but I use them because they're sooo good. So my makeup is quite minimalistic and neutral and this is what I do almost every morning:

I don't use primer everyday, I sometimes apply it if I know that I will get home late in the evening.

So the first product I use on my face is Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream in 31 ivory. I like this one because it feels very light on my face, hydrates it and stays really well on my skin.
 I apply it with my Real Techniques Sculpting Brush.

Next, I use my Catrice Camouflage Cream (10 ivory), which I mentioned in my 2015 Finds post, to cover up any blemishes I have that day.

For my undereyes I mostly use Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair (1). It has medium to high coverage, so it covers up my dark circles. (You can see it's picture here in my last blog post, but the name is off so that's why I didn't insert a picture here).
I blend out both concealers with a sponge, because I find that this gives me more coverage and makes my face more flawless.

After that, I set my face with Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Tranparent. I usually set my undereyes with it as well because I don't have a lot of time to use different products haha. I love it because it mattifies and sets your makeup. I have this in Transparent. The only drawback is that it doesn't stay all day (still stays quite a long time), but for the price this is irreplacable. I use my Real Techniques Blush Brush (prefer it to powder brush because it's easier to apply targeted areas with this one).

If I feel like it I use any of my bronzers, blushes or highligters, but nothing in particular.
I'll use my eyebrow pencil now because I feel more comfortable with my eyebrows done haha. Even though I don't use much product on them and don't change their shape it's still very important. I use this Make Up Academy eyebrow pencil in a shade Brunette. This colour is very warm and not ashy at all. This is only 1£ and you can get it on Superdrug or on Make Up Academy website. I actually bought this one then I was travelling because I needed to get any brow pencil but I really like it! The brush on the end is not very handy as the quality is not good at all and I have to say that it's not as waxy as most brow pencils are, so it might not stay as long, but after I got used to its creaminess I really like it, it just depends what you prefer.

Next, I will sometimes use eyeliner, it depends on my mood and if I do, I will use it on my tight line and I'll use L'oreal Color Riche Le Khol eyeliner in Midnight Black (101). Be careful as this might transfer to your lower lashline if you blink too much right after you apply it. It's very black and wears nicely, so I'd recommend it. (The name is kind of off as on most of my makeup, at least I know I really use them haha).

If I don't use eyeliner and I want to be a little bit more colourful I'll use eyeshadow, which most often for everyday look is Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer eyeshadow in Cashmere Plum as it is so easy and quick to use. I use this very lighly and apply it with my finger just for a hint of colour. I love this colour, because it compliments my blue eyes very well. It's a soft plumy purple colour. These eyeshadows stay very well on your eyes and you can get it from for only 3.50£!

After that, I'll apply mascara. Mostly, I use my Gosh Catchy Eyes (Provocateur) mascara, but I'll use any mascara depending on the look that I am going for. This is one of the best mascaras I've tried and I've repurchased it several times already. This is best for lengthening and it really makes your lashes reach the sky! It has a rubber applicator.

 Lastly, I apply some kind of lip product. Sometimes it's just a lip balm and sometimes it's a dark purple - it all depends on my mood, but lately I've been using my Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Galactic Mauve. This is quite sheer so I like it for a hint of colour. Be aware that this colour has glitters in it, which I'm personally not a fan of, but they don't show very much on the lips. This has glossy/satin finish. (I don't use this one when I use my CK eyeshadow because the colours are too similar).

Left to right: MUA eyebrow pencil in Brunette, L'oreal eyeliner in Midnight Black, CK eyeshadow in Cashmere Plum, Maybelline lipstick in Galactic Mauve.
That's my everyday makeup routine. My everyday makeup is simple and quite natural, but I hope you enjoyed! What are the products you use everyday? I'd love to know!

Have a nice day/morning/evening, wherever you are!

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