Monday, 4 January 2016

The Best Affordable Makeup

Hello everyone!

Today I decided to talk about some very affordable and veery good quality products. This is a good way to save money, because these products do wonders but won't hurt your wallet. I've chosen some extra affordable products, which are one of the cheapest in the drugstore. Let's get started!

So the first product really worth mentioning is High Lights by Technic. This brand is not very popular or known, but one of the easiest way to get it is from (not promoting this website at all, I've just found some very good deals there haha). This gives you wet face look, it doesn't have any glitter or shimmer, it's just a beautiful sheen. You can even apply it before foundation or mix it in it to achieve that dewy face look. It has that nail polish applicator and is said to be a dupe for Benefit High Beam. Price: 2£.
(Swatch in the end of the post)

The next thing I recommend is again super affordable and it's Essence Lip Liners. These are around 1£ each! They aren't the most long wearing, but they are very pigmented and the most important - doesn't dry out you lips! I often apply them all over my lips. I have them in 5 shades and they also have a classic red one in Femme Fatale, a white shade and a pink in Wish Me a Rose, which seemed a little bit too unnatural for me, so I didn't buy it. But love all the shades! (Look at the photo and guess which one is my favourite haha)

 For some reason, the formula in the shade Cute Pink is not as good as it's a little bit harder to apply and the pencil is not as smooth.

The next two products are both from Rimmel.
Rimmel Stay Matte powder is one of the best in the drugstore (probably the best one). It looks very natural and does the job mattifying your face! I use it the shade Transparent, but they have a range of shades. Definitely recommend it! Price: 4£.

Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. This makes your face look really healthy and awake, but it has light coverage, so if you need more coverage this won't be perfect for you. However, I use this over PIXI Correcting Concentrate which hides my dark undereyes, so everyone can find a use for this concealer. Price: 5.50£.

And the last one is a concealer again and it's the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This definitely has more coverage, being a medium to high coverage concealer. This is a lot thicker than the Rimmel Wake Me Up, but still looks natural. I use this in the shade Fair (1). Price: 4.50£.

 Again, it's hard to show how great a highlight is in a photo, because it doesn't show the sheen:(. But like I said, it gives you that wet look.

I think that's it for today's post. I have more products from drugstore which I love, but I wanted to share my top ones, which I use a lot.

Hope you enjoyed, bye!

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