Monday, 11 January 2016

Disappointing Products

Hello again!

We talked about the good stuff the last time and now I'm here with some products which I would NOT recommend. These are disappointing products or products I regret buying, just because they didn't work as I hoped they would or they were just not good at all:(. Three out of four products are E.L.F., but don't think that I don't like E.L.F. as a brand because I love a lot of their products! I've tried many so these are just the ones which didn't work for me. Hope you enjoy!

The first one is E.L.F. Smudge Pot. I have it in the shade Ain't That Sweet, which is a metalic-y baby pink with tiny glitters. I wanted to get this for such a long time, and it's hard to get E.L.F. in Europe, but I was really disappointed with it. It doesn't apply smoothly and sometimes comes in big chunks, it also 'disappears' after a while. Price: 3$

The next E.L.F. product is a lipstick from their 1$ line. I have it in the shade Classy. I'm not sure if mine is bad or old, but if all of them are like this, they are impossible to use. It's very soft so loses its shape and breaks every time I try to apply it (you can see in the photo how messy it has become). I also don't like the colour (very fake looking), but that's not really the biggest problem as the lipstick sets into your lines. The good thing is that it's creamy, but like I said it's almost impossible to use so I don't recommend it. Price: 3$.

And the last E.L.F. product is their Nourshing Cuticle Pen. It says it has avocado and almond oils and vitamins, but it does NOTHING. It literally does nothing to your cuticles so definitely not worth the 1$.

Finally, I didn't like this lipstick from Make Up Academy in the shade Totally Nude. This is one of their matte lipsticks and it's not comfortable on the lips. Of course, it's very affordable, but it dries your lips a little bit and doesn't look smooth on them (honestly it looks a little bit nasty), so I recommend investing a few pounds more to get a nice lipstick. Price: 1£.

That's it for my disappointing products. Please leave any requests or questions down below!

See you!

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