Tuesday, 29 December 2015

New Years Nails and Makeup

Hi Beauty Lovers!

As New Years is coming I've gone through my nail polish and makeup collection and I've chosen some things which I think would be perfect for the New Years Eve. New Years for me is glitter, sparkles, bright and bold colours and just doing something different. Of course, you don't have to go out of your comfort zone if you don't want to and I think you will find something useful in this blog post either way. I also have some very versatile products, so your makeup will be quick, easy and glamorous!

Firsly, some nail polish ideas:
Burgundy is always a great idea. I love wearing it in winter so New Years Eve is not an exception. I have this nice burgundy shade from Essie, which is called Shearling darling (love Essie's names!) and I have a matte option as well. It's Golden Rose Matte Nail Lacquer. I put the photo but mine doesn't have a name! I'm sorry for that, but it's just a redish burgundy. Essie nail polish is 8.5$ (or you can buy a limited amount of colours from fragrancedirect.co.uk for 3£) and the Golden Rose is about 4-5$. I have to say that the Golden Rose one chips faster than the Essie one.

Golden Rose Matte Nail Lacquer applied (on a fake nail obviously haha)

I also think coppery bronze colours look cool. Make sure they have a sheen or glitter and you're good to go! This one is by Golden Rose in a shade 147.


Another great colour is dark grey. This particular one has tiny glitters in it so it makes it even more festive. It's from Astor, it's affordable and doesn't chip. That's all you need! This one is quite old formula, but you can find Astor nail polishes for about for 1-2£.

 Dark blues and greens also look very nice. Again, glitter and sheen makes it even more festive, but it's all your choice. These colours are from a lithuanian brand, so only lithuanians will be able to get their hands on it (by the way, these are super affordable and does not chip as you would expect), but Essie definitely has some colour dupes. For example, "Midnight Cami" (right) or "Stylenomics" (left).

Another great way to make your nail polish more festive is add glitter on top! Gold or silver, whichever you prefer! Sincero Effect Let's Dance in D1 and Essie in Hors d'oeuvres (left) and in Rock at the top (right).

Let's get on to makeup now:

  I think that a glowy face would become a nice staple during the New Years Eve. The best thing for that, I believe, is the Mary - Lou Manizer by The Balm. You can of course use the Cindy or Betty one depending on your skin tone, but these highlighters make your face incredibely glowy. They are very pigmented and intense, so if you don't want to use them everyday, a celebration like this is perfect.
 Price: 18£.

  Another great thing about the Lou Manizers is that you can use them as eyeshadows. I would definitely highlight my eyes with them and apply to the center of my eyelid and to add definition, I would use a nice bronzy shade, like baked eyeshadow in Toasted by E.L.F. (Swatches below).
Eyeshadow price: 3$.
If you want something more cool toned and greyish you can try this E.L.F. eyeliner and shadow stick in Black/Smoke. The liner will define your eyes and the eyeshadow itself is very good quality. E.L.F. also has other colour options.
The eyeliner is not the blackest black colour, but that's fine for me, if you want that intense black coloured eyeliner this is not for you. Price: 3$.

 Finally for eyes, if you want to be even braver, you can add colourful or glittery liner. This shimmer liner by Avon in the shade Gold Shimmer is a great choice. Price: around 5£.

 The Mary - Lou Manizer doesn't show off very well on my fair skin on camera, but I promise you it's suuper intense and makes you glowy.
  • A tip: apply your eyeshadows with a wet brush (especially baked ones) to get the most pigmentation!

Lips are very important as well! If you are doing a more neutral eye I suggest using something brighter or darker. If you want something glossy I recommend Glossy Gloss by Sephora Collection. The formula is quite sheer but very good and it feels very nice on the lips. This is in the shade Night out (19). Price on the Sephora website: 7$ for the mini one, which is the only one available at the moment.

Another option is Sephora Collection Kiss Me Balm. It's very moisturizing, comfortable on the lips and very pigmented (reeeally pigmented haha). You can find this balm in very bright colours. Mine is in the shade Strawberry fizz. Price on the Sephora website: 8$.

For a little bit less bright colour I like using Prestige lipstick in a shade CLL-04 (not a fancy name at all). It's an orangy shade with a sheen and spicy brown undertone. It's not a nude and it isn't very light, but it looks quite
neutral and great with brighter eyes as it's not a neon shade. This one is the most opaque from all of the lip products mentioned. Price:8$.

That's it guys! I hope you found this post helpful and I wish you the best New Years Eve everr! Please give me feedback on this blog post and leave your requests. Have a positive attitude for 2016 and dream big!

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